'Smart Health ID Card' to achieve fulfilled society.


Smart Health ID Card

Smart Health ID Card
Edison Award 2021 Nominee

Feature of the product

You can monitor all parameters by simply putting a card into name holder or breast pocket.

By monitoring of behavior, we can evaluate stress and fatigue and encourage relaxation as needed.

Body posture, heart rate and respiration pattern can be used for identifying serious health anomaly.

'Smart Health ID Card' can monitor health anomaly in daily life.

Skin-Electrodes Contactless Sensing Technology

'Smart Health ID Card' consists of many layers of electronic circuit and sensor patterns.

POSH WELLNESS LABORATORY has innovative technology
'Electrode contactless bio-impedance sensor'.

It can be measured above the clothing and can be made extremely thin.
Therefore, the sensor can be installed in the back housing of a smartphone, ID card etc.

On the other hand, electro-cardiography must attach electrodes on the skin directly.
In addition, millimeter wave and microwave sensors cannnot be measured below 12 inches.

Scenes from everyday life

Go to work with the Smart Health ID Card

An office worker and an operator are monitored by the Smart Health ID Card individually.

You can check monitoring results with a smartphone at anytime.

A health anomaly of a loved one can also be detected by an attachment of the Samrt Health ID Card,
You can make hospital transportation arrangements for emergency situations.

You can avoid serious conditions with the Smart Health ID Card.


Electrical Impedance Tomography(EIT)

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